Crush the Castle Games: Classic Castle Smashing in Your Browser

Crush the Castle

Physics-based games are widely popular with gamers who like to have to think a bit while killing time with a video game. Many physics-based games offer a number of levels that do not differ too much and once the player completes all of the levels, the game is over. The Crush the Castle series of games is not your average physics-based game, mind you. Not only does the game not follow the common themes of knocking one item into another to make a goal, light a bulb, or make some item “happy,” Crush the Castle is a game hell-bent on world domination, and it makes no apologies for that.

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Besiege Review

When Besiege appeared on Early Access, it caused a ripple of excitement through the PC gaming community. Made by Spiderling Studios, this promising little mechanical sandbox has been a surprise hit.

besiege game

The basic premise of the game is to design a machine of war that will be able to complete a single, simple objective. Each level can be completed with the same machine being carried over, or a completely new design. Refreshingly, the only limitation placed on the player is in the size of the creation – denoted by a dotted cuboid and the parts available to work with. Thankfully, there are enough mechanical components and weapons included so as not to limit how much the choice the player feels they have.

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Castlevania: Defeat Dracula The Lord of the Vampires Review

Castlevania is the first of this series of Dracula themed games, having been released eventually for the NES in 1988. A fun platform game it has six levels where at the end of each you will encounter a Boss Fight before you can  progress further in the game. Simon Belmont who is the main character must fight his way through the castle with your assistance to find the dreaded Dracula. Fans of horror will love this game as it will capture your imagination while giving you the opportunity to slay many a well known monster along the way.

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Alex Kidd in The Enchanted Castle Game Review

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle is the fifth edition in a series of fun action games, this one being released for the Sega Genesis. Travelling to the Planet Paper Rock Alex discovers that King Thor his father is alive and well. Alex needs to reach the enchanted castle so will encounter enemies along the way. He must use his well honed karate skills as well as his paper, rock scissors technique to defeat them.

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Castle Crashers Review: A Beat Em Up With a Sense of Humour!

Castle Crashers is an awesome game that I found really addictive. Its a superb action packed beat em up that is not only exciting to play but is hilarious too. Developed by The Behemoth and available for XBLA and Xbox 360 it has a medieval theme. If in the past you have played Golden Axe you will love playing Castle Crashers as it has everything a good beat em up game should have and then some, but don’t take my word for it purchase it via the link at the bottom of the page.

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Famous Castle Sieges


Many movies have been made that involve castle sieges. We tend to have a romanticised view of what actually happened in these battles as heroes and heroines in full make up destroy the enemy to save the day. Nothing could be further from the truth than this. Castle sieges were very long drawn out affairs that could last for months or even years as a siege was not a short simple procedure but a tactical strategic operation that took planning and determination. Many castle sieges happened during The Middle Ages when castles were built with such impenetrable fortification that getting over the moat and into the structure was nigh on impossible.

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Fortress Building Structures in Gemcraft Labyrinth

gemcraft labyrinth fortress building

Once you have all that you need to create powerful gems in Gemcraft Labyrinth, you must then focus on learning the various fortress structures that you can mount them on (and what these structures are for). Creating a structure will cost you mana, and the costs will increase with each one you create. This means that after you create one tower, the next tower will cost higher. The same rule applies for walls, traps and amplifiers. Thankfully, each structure type’s costing is independent of each other. If you have accidentally placed a structure on a wrong location or if you need to remove a structure for strategic purposes, you can gem bomb it. Lastly, shrines do not follow the costing and destruction rules.

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Cursed Treasure Level Pack: General Strategies Guide

cursed treasure level pack

Tower Defense games is a pretty huge genre for browser based and mobile app gaming, you only need to look as far as games such as Bloons Tower Defense 5 to realise the sort of play time these types of games get.

Much like many other strategy based titles, simply being familiar with the genre does not make one an instant expert. With Cursed Treasure’s plentiful number of achievements, good balance of tower variations and special enemy lineups, it certainly takes a bit of time, patience and careful studying in order to figure out the best ways to prevent your enemies from ever touching your treasure.

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Cursed Dungeon: Select a Character Class & Going Hardcore

Selecting a Character Class

The game allows you to choose between three character classes. The first is the knight which is a class that specializes in defense and health. This character deals a moderate amount of damage per hit at a pretty reasonable speed, while it works well enough to get you through basic fights, later battles will make you want to improve on attack and speed a bit more. The great thing about having plenty of defense is that enemies deal significantly less damage, and having plenty of health means you get to focus on attacking –worry only about your health once it reaches less than half.

The rogue is a speed based character, and our personal favorite. While this class has the lowest damage stats (though only slightly lower than that of the knight), the attack speed more than makes up for it. This class basically attacks about three times faster than the axeman, making it a contender for great initial choices, and also, the rogue’s default speed does not require players to increase it massively.

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Cursed Dungeon: Upgrading Your Gear

In this game, there is no inventory management, no items to equip and sell, only permanent equipment that you keep upgrading until it reaches the 10th upgrade tier. In order to upgrade an item you must have enough gold and upgrade gems to fill the requirement. There are three types of gems: weapon, armor and jewel. Each gem is used to upgrade a specific kind of item. Weapon gems or used only for your weapon, armor is used for all 3 three parts of your armor (boots, gloves, body), and lastly, the jewel gem is used to upgrade your three jewels (critical hits, gold, and experience points). You can get gems from the marketplace or from enemy drops.

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Cursed Dungeon: Managing Stats

The character stats are very simply to understand and master: health, attack and speed. As one would expect, increasing health points will boost your maximum hit points. Attack determines how much damage your character will deal out per strike. Lastly, speed is the factor that determines how fast your character attacks.

Since health is pretty much straightforward, we will not go into detail with that (in fact, if you improve armor occasionally enough, you will not have to invest a single stat point on health), also health increases a bit per level.

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A Quick Guide to the Ins and Outs of Cursed Dungeon

Cursed Dungeon takes players on a completely different kind of role playing adventure. Here, real time combat is taken down a notch by the automated attack system –which means that all you can do during battles is make snap decisions on when to drink potions or when to activate skills. For the most part, this game is all about character management –deciding which stats to level up, which upgrades to buy, and what activity to do next: training or more dungeon exploring. The game is both tedious and fun, which means that it really is not for all players (those with an intermediate level of experience with a vast range of casual titles will appreciate this game, along with old school RPG players).

Anyway, this game places you in controls of an adventurer who must conquer the cave of Apollyon in order to gain the potion that will serve as a cure for a curse (which the adventurer fell to in the opening narrative). The quest takes you through four levels of dungeon questing and fighting tier after tier of ever stronger monsters and ultimately, bosses. Fortunately, the town is always just a mouse click away and you health refills after every battle.

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The Kings League Game Review – Your Actions & Winning

Your Actions

Between the league battles, you will have a whole month to decide what to do with your time. Just be quick when deciding as the game will automatically progress. A good way to pause the game is to click open up a new in-game window (such as the training screen, level up screen, or quest window). This will put a hold on the in-game time and is useful if you want to decide carefully on your next move.

Speaking of move, there are several options to choose from: training your troops, leveling them up, taking quests, expanding territories, buying upgrades, managing your party and recruitment.

Training your troops will require the use of food –the regimens range from week-long exercises to full blown two-week intensive workouts. Our suggestion is to focus on the two week programs whenever you can afford it as they offer higher stat increase bonuses.

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The Kings League Game – Character Stats

All five character classes use four basic stats: attack, agility, intelligence and health. Training your troops (and leveling them up) will increase these stats. Here is a quick brief on all four stats in order for you to determine which training regimen is best suited for a particular class.

Attack – determines how much physical damage a party member will deal. The only exceptions to this rule are mages and clerics, as mages use magic to do damage and clerics rarely attack at all (but when they do run out of MP and start attacking in melee, it is believed that this stat is the determinant factor).

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The Kings League Game – Assembling Your Troops

King’s League features five unique character classes that you can recruit into your party. Each class has its own specialties and features and a good combination will help you get through a lot of difficult battles. Determining which combination or setup works best is a matter trial and error, fortunately, the game is very friendly when it comes to this factor so players are advised to simply try out various setups to see which works best.

Our own recommendation for this is a nicely balanced party: 1 knight, 1 cleric, 1 archer and 1 mage. The knight does well when it comes to pushing back melee based enemies –in the meanwhile, the archer and the mage become the main damage dealers. The cleric helps keep the knight healed while it absorbs almost all of the damage being thrown. Against most enemy setups, this group should do very well. The only exception is when facing off against those occasional groups of enemies that are composed mainly of four knights which keep charging at you.

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Prepare to Take the Throne: King’s League (Start Here)

Here is the scenario: the king is willing to take up a combat challenge to determine who is next in line for the throne, and now you, and everyone with title in the kingdom wants a shot at the crown. Sounds easy enough, but as one would expect, there is a catch: to be worthy of actually challenging the king, one must first earn the top spot in a special league battle that happens once each month. At the end of the league season, only the highest ranked league combatant may be allowed to challenge the king.

King League has managed to put together a good scenario, a stylized combat system and pretty visuals into a single game that will make for a very worthwhile afternoon of gaming. That being said, the game is no cakewalk, after the initial easy early stages, King’s League starts upping the ante by providing players with challenges that will give your resource management skills a good run-through.

So what does a player have to do to get that top spot and become the king of the game? Plenty of patience and some serious strategizing; and here is a guide for some of the most useful things one should know about the game.

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The Lance Game Review – A Guide to Winning at Jousting

The Lance is one of the most straightforward titles that Armor Games has to offer. You take control of a knight, competing in a jousting tournament where a legendary item, the titular Lance, is being set on the line as the prize. It sounds simple enough, but the tournament has one important rule: you cannot lose –ever. Losing means forfeiting your place, but that does not mean your descendants cannot follow in your footsteps.

In the Lance, losing means that your current character will be handing over all gear, weapons and earnings to his heir –who will then take part in the competition. This carries over all experience points as well. Basically, this system keeps track of how many times a player has lost in the tournament, but it also shows the scope of how massive the tournament is.

What makes the tournament so difficult to win is the presence of a mysterious, armored knight –one that packs the full set of the highest tier armor and weapons, and also has an advantage of being a level 25 character. You cannot avoid fighting this guy, he is your fifth opponent in every generation –which means that every five matches, you either change generations or beat the game. This last twist is probably the biggest reason why we fell in love with this game, because it had a palpable challenge that was both predictable and still fulfilling to achieve. And for those of you who are wondering the method for beating this champion in as few generations as possible, here are a few important things to remember.

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