A Quick Guide to the Ins and Outs of Cursed Dungeon

Cursed Dungeon takes players on a completely different kind of role playing adventure. Here, real time combat is taken down a notch by the automated attack system –which means that all you can do during battles is make snap decisions on when to drink potions or when to activate skills. For the most part, this game is all about character management –deciding which stats to level up, which upgrades to buy, and what activity to do next: training or more dungeon exploring. The game is both tedious and fun, which means that it really is not for all players (those with an intermediate level of experience with a vast range of casual titles will appreciate this game, along with old school RPG players).

Anyway, this game places you in controls of an adventurer who must conquer the cave of Apollyon in order to gain the potion that will serve as a cure for a curse (which the adventurer fell to in the opening narrative). The quest takes you through four levels of dungeon questing and fighting tier after tier of ever stronger monsters and ultimately, bosses. Fortunately, the town is always just a mouse click away and you health refills after every battle.

How the Game Works

Cursed Dungeon plays in two phases: combat and management. During management, you must decide how to distribute stat points earned during leveling and at the same time, decide what to buy with the gold you have. During combat, players either train against same-leveled monsters for experience points, gold, and gems. Or, players continue exploring the dungeon –where combat takes you up against equal level enemies or slightly stronger ones. There are special combat scenarios against bosses when the fights are longer and the use of items and skills will certainly come into play.

Combat Basics

As we said, combat in Cursed Dungeon is automated; this means that you will not need to command every single sword-strike your adventurer makes. Instead, the character attacks on its own, and for the most part, this should be more than enough for handling equal level enemies. During combat, players are able to access a hotkey bar for skills and potion usage. During long fights against stronger or multiple enemies, using these skills is important in order to ensure victory.

Boss Battles

The only unique automated fights are the boss battles –of which, there are four in total. There is no set strategy in boss fights, basically you just do the exact same thing, except that this time, instead of just sitting back and waiting for the battle to end, you need to keep track of your character’s health and drink a potion whenever it gets low. With a long battle like this, you will certainly build up a lot of rage (you will see the counter on the lower left corner of the screen), and use that to fuel your skills. Which skills to use differ according to the character you are using (buffs tend to have god value per rage point as the long default duration). Like all the battles in this game, getting in as much damage as you can possible deal out is the key to victory, so do not hesitate in investing in better weapons and boots (to increase speed and damage). Of course, if you are currently struggling with the basic enemy types of the level, we suggest training for a couple of levels before attacking the boss (the game will warn you if a boss battle is up next).

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