Castle Crashers Review: A Beat Em Up With a Sense of Humour!

Castle Crashers is an awesome game that I found really addictive. Its a superb action packed beat em up that is not only exciting to play but is hilarious too. Developed by The Behemoth and available for XBLA and Xbox 360 it has a medieval theme. If in the past you have played Golden Axe you will love playing Castle Crashers as it has everything a good beat em up game should have and then some, but don’t take my word for it purchase it via the link at the bottom of the page.

The story in Castle Crashers is one of medieval sorcery, knights, kings and princesses. Basically an evil wizard has stolen a valuable crystal plus kidnapped four princesses making it your task, playing as a knight, to rescue them. You will encounter plenty of opposition along the way as the wizard has many evil combatants under his command. These include A Frost King who as the name suggests can freeze his enemies, a Cyclops plus many other interesting characters that you will discover as you play, after all I don’t want to give everything away.

There are literally dozens of levels to fight your way through either alone or with up to four accompanying players. You can obtain power ups, upgrades plus play some awesome Boss Fights keeping you entertained for hours. As you play along the levels you will gain experience which is good as the further you go in the game the more of a challenge it becomes. Your characters can level up acquiring more abilities and skills which they will need if you are to get to level ninety nine in the game. Castle Crashers has a good expert mode if you find you can beat the game easily that is an incredible challenge. It depends how proficient you are really.

The knights are colour coded being red, green, orange, or blue, with some similar characteristics plus some individual skills. They have pets that accompany them as they progress once you win a Boss. These pets are useful as they can perform tasks such as knocking over your enemies. There are a great selection of weapons to use plus you can store them inside a giant frog if you so wish, what more can you ask for, its really funny.

Visually the game is phenomenal with funny looking character drawings that are very quirky while cartoon like in appearance. The colours are great too while the characters you meet in the Boss Fights are awesome. The game is so much fun to play in either single or multiplayer mode you will find yourself addicted.

Playing Castle Crashers is every bit as good as going down to the arcade and pumping the machine full of coins plus playing over again will cost you nothing. There is a nice little twist at the end of the game that I will leave you to discover so not to provide you with too many spoilers. All in all I absolutely love Castle Crashers. It is filled with laughs, challenges and surprises while being a totally visual treat.

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