Castlevania: Defeat Dracula The Lord of the Vampires Review

Castlevania is the first of this series of Dracula themed games, having been released eventually for the NES in 1988. A fun platform game it has six levels where at the end of each you will encounter a Boss Fight before you can  progress further in the game. Simon Belmont who is the main character must fight his way through the castle with your assistance to find the dreaded Dracula. Fans of horror will love this game as it will capture your imagination while giving you the opportunity to slay many a well known monster along the way.

The Boss fights in Castlevania are really awesome as all the enemies are characters you will have seen in horror films over the years. I have sat through many a Hammer Horror movie watching Christopher Lee suck the blood from many an innocent virgin or  Peter Cushing smash a wooden stake through a vampires heart to destroy them, so seeing my heroes  incorporated into Castlevania is awesome.

The monster characters in the Boss fights include  the Medusa, a snake haired monster who can turn people to stone with just one stare, Frankenstein’ s Monster and Igor his trusty side kick, Mummies, a Vampire Bat, The Grim Reaper and finally Dracula himself who has the ability to change into an even worse, more frightening monster once defeated for the first time. Its all great fun especially if you are a classic horror film fan like myself.

Simon Belmont has various weapons to assist him in his quest while some can be upgraded as you play along picking up special items. His whip for example can be upgraded into a longer whip made of chain making it a more violent weapon in the process. Simon needs to collect hearts as he progresses. This is done by smashing candelabras or other such objects so to earn ammunition for his weapons. Castlevania can be quite challenging in parts but this only adds to the enjoyment of the game.

Castlevania has been released for playing on many different platforms over the years meaning players can usually find it in one format or other. There have been various features added as the game has been re-released making each platform edition slightly different to the next. The graphics are really good being atmospheric and defined while the soundtrack is excellent with great voice overs. Many of the original actors voices were used for the character dialogue making it a brilliant tribute to the genre. Konami who released the game have done a great job.

Fans of Dracula films or Frankenstein will really enjoy playing Castlevania. The storyline is original while the game is not too blood thirsty or violent for teens to enjoy. This is the first in a classic series that fans and newcomers alike will enjoy, with plenty of game time fun, while I look forward to playing the next edition in this series.

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