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Castlevania: Defeat Dracula The Lord of the Vampires Review

Castlevania is the first of this series of Dracula themed games, having been released eventually for the NES in 1988. A fun platform game it has six levels where at the end of each you will encounter a Boss Fight before you can  progress further in the game. Simon Belmont who is the main character must fight his way through the castle with your assistance to find the dreaded Dracula. Fans of horror will love this game as it will capture your imagination while giving you the opportunity to slay many a well known monster along the way.

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Alex Kidd in The Enchanted Castle Game Review

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle is the fifth edition in a series of fun action games, this one being released for the Sega Genesis. Travelling to the Planet Paper Rock Alex discovers that King Thor his father is alive and well. Alex needs to reach the enchanted castle so will encounter enemies along the way. He must use his well honed karate skills as well as his paper, rock scissors technique to defeat them.

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