Cursed Dungeon: Select a Character Class & Going Hardcore

Selecting a Character Class

The game allows you to choose between three character classes. The first is the knight which is a class that specializes in defense and health. This character deals a moderate amount of damage per hit at a pretty reasonable speed, while it works well enough to get you through basic fights, later battles will make you want to improve on attack and speed a bit more. The great thing about having plenty of defense is that enemies deal significantly less damage, and having plenty of health means you get to focus on attacking –worry only about your health once it reaches less than half.

The rogue is a speed based character, and our personal favorite. While this class has the lowest damage stats (though only slightly lower than that of the knight), the attack speed more than makes up for it. This class basically attacks about three times faster than the axeman, making it a contender for great initial choices, and also, the rogue’s default speed does not require players to increase it massively.

Lastly, we have the axeman –this class is basically the slowest but also the most heavy hitting of them all. While initially pretty weak –since you take plenty of damage due to the slow attack speed, this changes as you progress later in the game, especially once you increase the speed stat and purchase the necessary upgrades. In terms of dealing damage, the axeman has the highest achievable potential for it.

Going Hardcore

With all that said, you are pretty much set and ready to conquer the world of Cursed Dungeon. But if you have already finished this game and are seeking out a bigger challenge, then you might want to try out the hardcore mode. In this game mode, players get most of the regular game experience, but at the same time, training is no longer available and you are no longer allowed to resurrect; if you die, you must make a new character.  This is actually pretty hard –particularly that bit about not having training available, this means that you can no longer farm exp, gems or gold from enemies, anything you earn before making it to the final boss must be carefully used, as wasting stat points and other resources is going to send your character to an early grave. For the most part, we only suggest playing hardcore if you have already finished the game once, and also, always buy potions as much as you can since you never know when you will need them.

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