Cursed Treasure Level Pack: General Strategies Guide

cursed treasure level pack

Tower Defense games is a pretty huge genre for browser based and mobile app gaming, you only need to look as far as games such as Bloons Tower Defense 5 to realise the sort of play time these types of games get.

Much like many other strategy based titles, simply being familiar with the genre does not make one an instant expert. With Cursed Treasure’s plentiful number of achievements, good balance of tower variations and special enemy lineups, it certainly takes a bit of time, patience and careful studying in order to figure out the best ways to prevent your enemies from ever touching your treasure.

Can’t Touch This

Yep, unlike most tower defense games, Cursed Treasure’s main goal is not just about preventing an enemy from ever making through a certain point. Instead, players must focus on defending gems which enemy units are trying to steal. Ideally, the defense setup must be good enough as to prevent any enemies from even coming touching the treasure itself. Finish a stage without this ever occurring and you will receive the highest rating: Brilliant.

Make a mistake in the setup and an enemy unit may be able to grab one of the gems.  Now while this event will certainly lower your rating, it does not spell doom. After all, the enemy with a gem will have to make it back out –which means having to pass over your defenses once again. When the enemy dies, the gem is dropped on the floor ready to be picked up by other enemies –and that is where you could seriously get in trouble. This is why is it never a good thing when a gem is left in the middle of the map and you have boss wave coming up next (or one of those shade type enemies with the power to turn invisible –or even worse, a boss shade enemy).

In any case, the challenge of bringing a gem from the hoard to the exit may be difficult, but from halfway through the stage or even less is not so bad. The toughest part here is that the cycle is continuous, and enemy troops will gladly go after any gem on the floor in an effort to bring it out faster. If you run out of gems (you start out with 5), then you lose the stage; if you manage to survive all the enemy waves and still have at least one gem available, then you win. Of course, being able to keep all gems is certainly more beneficial.

Fortunately, the game does allow players to return to previously finished stages in order to get better ratings and farm more experience points. There are also a few skills that will help you out when it comes to maintaining your gems.

The first gem related skill which is worth getting is Mining –this skill will add an additional gem to your pool bringing it up to 6. This is a very worthwhile ability as you will not only be have more gems to keep you alive, but this will also increase your rewards as you finish the stage (the game adds a bit more experience points for every gem that is in play when you finish a stage). This skill can only be learned once, so the max number of gems you can have is only 6.

The Scorching Treasure skill on the other hand will cause damage to any enemy holding a gem –while letting an enemy grab hold of a gem is not really an ideal scenario, being able to hurt them certainly helps. The higher the level of this skill, the more damage it does to the enemy per second (which is calculated as a percentage of the enemy’s health).

The last gem related skill is Return Portal. This skill will return a gem to its rightful position if it has been left lying on the ground for five minutes. Now that is actually a pretty long time and chances are, your enemies might be able to get to the gem well before the 5 minutes are up. You could increase the skill level to decrease the time limit. In terms of practicality, this is not really the skill we would go for, since it is better that players improve their overall combat skills over everything else.

Now that you have a bit of a better insight into tackling the game, get over to Not Doppler and play Cursed Treasure Level Pack.