Prepare to Take the Throne: King’s League (Start Here)

Here is the scenario: the king is willing to take up a combat challenge to determine who is next in line for the throne, and now you, and everyone with title in the kingdom wants a shot at the crown. Sounds easy enough, but as one would expect, there is a catch: to be worthy of actually challenging the king, one must first earn the top spot in a special league battle that happens once each month. At the end of the league season, only the highest ranked league combatant may be allowed to challenge the king.

King League has managed to put together a good scenario, a stylized combat system and pretty visuals into a single game that will make for a very worthwhile afternoon of gaming. That being said, the game is no cakewalk, after the initial easy early stages, King’s League starts upping the ante by providing players with challenges that will give your resource management skills a good run-through.

So what does a player have to do to get that top spot and become the king of the game? Plenty of patience and some serious strategizing; and here is a guide for some of the most useful things one should know about the game.

Your Shot at the Throne

The basic game premise is this: you fight in monthly league battles –and in the between these matches, you will have the rest of the month to spend on battles, training, quests and recruitment. It all sounds simple enough, but you also need to make decisions readily –this game is in real time, and as long as you are in the world map, the game will keep progressing, be sure never to leave the game alone or else you will find yourself competing in the next League battle without having had the chance to increase your team’s abilities.

What this means is that you need to prioritize. You will have limited time, gold and meat at your disposal –while you can certainly earn more, the time constraint takes farming out of the equation. So this means that you need a good battle plan and more importantly, the vigilance to stick to it.

The Resources

As mentioned, there are several resources in the game, and knowing how to use them properly will determine how well you can progress in the game.

Time – this one is something that simply moves forward, but it is also something you need to consider. Quests and conquests will take days to complete, and so does training (with the fastest training set at 7 days, and the longest taking 14 days), this means that between two League battles, you can only train your troops for a set number of times.

Gold – like any game set in a medieval era, gold is your number one currency. In King’s League, gold is used to fund the salary of your troops (they are paid monthly), any upgrades purchased (which range from 6000 to 8000 gold), recruitment and for the funding of quests and conquests. You can earn more gold by completing quests, expanding your territory, and from the monthly taxes.

Food – is a special resource that is used for training your troops and for keeping them well-fed on adventures or conquests. Like gold, you earn more food by winning battles and also from the monthly harvests.

Skill or Rank Points – these are earned by winning battles through a game of attack and defense here and are only used for one purpose: increase the level of a character. Every single fighter on your party can level up, but you must decide who will. Skill points come mainly from League matches, but you will also one or two through regular quests and territory conquests. Once you have unlocked the king’s challenge at the very end of the game, the availability of  these points become really scarce, so be sure to spend them wisely.

Fame – your fame is actually more of a stat than it is a resource, basically, every successful battle will earn you fame and every loss will get you a deduction. Fame does not directly affect your league rank, but it does determine how much gold you earn per territory you have. The key point here is to avoid losing as much as you can in order to maintain a high fame ranking and keep the gold flowing.

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