The Kings League Game Review – Your Actions & Winning

Your Actions

Between the league battles, you will have a whole month to decide what to do with your time. Just be quick when deciding as the game will automatically progress. A good way to pause the game is to click open up a new in-game window (such as the training screen, level up screen, or quest window). This will put a hold on the in-game time and is useful if you want to decide carefully on your next move.

Speaking of move, there are several options to choose from: training your troops, leveling them up, taking quests, expanding territories, buying upgrades, managing your party and recruitment.

Training your troops will require the use of food –the regimens range from week-long exercises to full blown two-week intensive workouts. Our suggestion is to focus on the two week programs whenever you can afford it as they offer higher stat increase bonuses.

Leveling a party member is a matter of waiting for them to have enough battle experience. Once a character has fought long enough, you will have the option of raising their level which will provide a massive increase to the character’s stats. However, do note that level increases expend your skill points so use them wisely. Also, know that increasing a character’s level will also increase their monthly salary –so try to hold off on those promotions if your treasury is running low. It is entirely possible to get a high level party simply through training (with hardly any leveling up) in order to keep monthly upkeep costs at a lower rate. However, this means that you will be underpowered for many battles and will have to suffer a massive count for battles lost.

Quests are simple skirmishes that have your party face off against various small groups of fighters. These are often very easy, but midway through the game, watch out for quests with large rewards as the party setups of the enemies can also be challenging if your troops are not adequately prepared.

Expanding your territory not only increases your immediate resource reserves, but it will also increase the amount of gold and meat earned every month. The catch here is that the battles can be very challenging, especially when it comes to the last few territories. Ares to be conquered appear in small batches, which means that you need to conquer the first few before the next batch becomes available.

Upgrades will help your troops perform better and also, help you increase the amount of gold you can earn. The first upgrade we recommend getting is the 20% gold earnings increase, this allows you to save up gold much faster. The other five upgrades provide combat bonuses for your troops (higher HP for solders, longer attack range for archers, faster horses for knights, stronger healing for clerics and faster spell casting for mages), once you get all upgrades, your gold is only to be used for monthly salaries and for recruiting new troops.

Your active party will be composed of 4 fighters. Initially, you can only have 2 at any given time. Buying two party slots will cost you a total of 7,000 gold; 2,000 gold for the first, and 5,000 gold for the second. Doing so will allow you to have a full party –making this purchase a solid necessity. In order to determine which troops become part of your team, you have a team management window which allows you to set active party members and in some cases, dismiss inactive ones (dismissing an inactive party member is a matter of cutting down on monthly salary costs).

Recruitment allows you to gain more troops at your command. Of course, every troop member will have to be paid an individual salary so be careful who you hire. The factors that are important here is the fighter’s current level, stats and of course, monthly cost –if you cannot afford to hire that high leveled knight, then do not, you may end up with negative funds if you are not careful with regards to spending your gold.

Winning the Game

The key factor here is to keep winning the battles –the highest rank (SSS) will require you to never lose a single battle –this means being prepared for anything that the enemy throws at you. The key factor here is to secure a cleric, archer and a knight as early as you can. Also, the game allows you to recruit heroes. There is one unique hero per class –they have really high stats and are very powerful even at level one. Again, as we mentioned, leveling a character will increase their salary rate –a level 5 hero will take 6,000 gold per month, so plan carefully on who you want to level up. Gathering a full party of heroes that have been properly trained and leveled will allow you to breeze through most of the later battles in the game (as gathering all the heroes will take a while). The final battle against the king will have you face the king as a high level knight supported by two more knights and a single cleric-mage. Expect this battle to be long, but as long as you have a good healer, have a tough tank and are able to deal plenty of damage, you will most certainly win. A full party of level 3-5 heroes will cost you plenty in terms of monthly salary (it is likely that this will get you a negative income, which means that any gold you previously saved up will slowly be drained out), but they are also pretty much unstoppable in any battle the game can throw at you.

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