The Lance Game Review – A Guide to Winning at Jousting

The Lance is one of the most straightforward titles that Armor Games has to offer. You take control of a knight, competing in a jousting tournament where a legendary item, the titular Lance, is being set on the line as the prize. It sounds simple enough, but the tournament has one important rule: you cannot lose –ever. Losing means forfeiting your place, but that does not mean your descendants cannot follow in your footsteps.

In the Lance, losing means that your current character will be handing over all gear, weapons and earnings to his heir –who will then take part in the competition. This carries over all experience points as well. Basically, this system keeps track of how many times a player has lost in the tournament, but it also shows the scope of how massive the tournament is.

What makes the tournament so difficult to win is the presence of a mysterious, armored knight –one that packs the full set of the highest tier armor and weapons, and also has an advantage of being a level 25 character. You cannot avoid fighting this guy, he is your fifth opponent in every generation –which means that every five matches, you either change generations or beat the game. This last twist is probably the biggest reason why we fell in love with this game, because it had a palpable challenge that was both predictable and still fulfilling to achieve. And for those of you who are wondering the method for beating this champion in as few generations as possible, here are a few important things to remember.

The Jousting Controls

The jousting matches are composed of two parts –charging and attacking. During the attacking phase, you must click your mouse rapidly in order to increase the speed of your horse –moving at a higher speed means that your attacks cause a little more damage (it has been said that your attacks also get harder to dodge, but that is not significantly noticeable). Maximizing your horse’s speed is a matter of being consistently fast –there is no point to it if you slow down by the end. Keep tapping the button and maintain the speed of your horse until the screen changes.

The second part of the joust is the attacking phase –here you must aim you mouse at the appropriate target: your opponent’s head, armor or shield. By default, the enemy will move the shield to block your attack. There are several strategies that one can employ at this stage.

The first, which is the most common instinct, is to move your mouse around in order to confuse the enemy’s positioning of their shield. Once the armor or head is visible, quickly move your mouse towards the vulnerable spot in order to deal some damage. This basically involves timing your speed and mouse movements with the game in order to ensure that your attack hits before you are blocked.

The second is to keep maiming the enemy’s shield –like the helmet and armor, the shield also loses durability, and once destroyed, the enemy is open to any attack.

The last strategy is to go for dual hits –the game has a small glitch that allows you to hit both the shield and another target (like the helmet or armor). This is a bit tricky, as you need to move your mouse to a spot where the edge of the shield meets with the other target area. Unless you are really good at timing this is a difficult strategy to employ.

Regardless of your technique, as long as you land a hit on your opponent, they will suffer damage to a specific part. If the health of their armor or helmet is completely depleted, then you will win the match –at the same time if the same happens to you, you will be changing generations.

Your defense strategy is simple: you cannot control it. The game automatically determines if your knight has successfully blocked the enemy attack or not, which means that having the highest level available armor is a key factor for survival.


Upgrading your weapon and armor is the second half of the game. Here you determine which equipment your knight should carry into the tournament. The cost for purchasing equipment is covered by the gold you earn through winning.

Each piece of armor, weapon and horse has a mastery bar –as long as the specific equipment is not mastered, you will earn experience points while using it. Sadly, a bulk of the gold you earn also comes from gaining experience points (every point of exp earns one gold), this means that you will be on a constant upgrading cycle –and that you will have to buy every single piece of equipment in the store. Once you master an item it will no longer earn exp –replacing mastered items is a priority.

Of course, you can sell old items –for a fraction of the original cost. This helps a lot when you have to replace plenty of new equipment. Eventually, the game will reach a point where you are equipped with mastered items, have insufficient gold to buy new ones and are stuck trying to win jousts to earn some money.

Your Equipment

The Lance features five different kinds of equipment for your character to use, and here is a quick description of each.

Weapons are your only method of attacking. Since this is a jousting game, you naturally have various kinds of lances. All of the items are pretty much the same in basic form and use, and the only real difference here is how much damage it can cause. Naturally, the more expensive a weapon is, the better it gets –just be sure to max out experience points before moving on to the next.

Helmets and Armor determines how much damage you can take. The higher the level, the more resistant these parts are to receiving damage. When it comes to fighting the champion, having strong armor and helmet helps a lot as the damage that the champion deals with his level 15 lance can be pretty brutal.

The Shield, like the armor and helmet, is part of your defensive gear, but unlike the other parts, this is one part that the enemy tries to avoid. Naturally, the tougher your shield is, the longer you can survive a tough match.

Lastly, the Horse serves as your damage booster –at high levels and great speeds, the horse can really help you when it comes to dealing massive head damage on your opponents.

Fighting the Champion

So finally, here we are, at the inevitable –fighting the champion. If it is your first time around, do not worry about beating him. Chances are, he will beat you in a single round. In order to win, you will need to gain a few levels, get some decent equipment and get really used to aiming well during the attack phase.

With the champion, forget the armor, forget the shield –bringing those down will take time, time you do not have as the champion will be pounding on your equipment as well. Chances are, your shield, helmet and armor will all take various amounts of damage. In return, you must ensure that you keep hitting the champion’s helmet successfully. Do this several times over (about 6 times for a level 9 weapon) and you will finally beat the Lance. Try The Lance now at Armor Games!