Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap Review

Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap

Wonder Boy III The Dragons Trap is a superb fantasy adventure game that is the sequel to the original Wonder Boy in Monster Land. Wonder Boy went into the Dragons cave to kill the beast but instead was cursed turning him into a lizard type creature. This next episode sees Wonder Boy try to rid himself of the curse while fighting and defeating many dragons along the way.

Wonder Boy must eventually defeat the Vampire Dragon who has the Salamander Cross which is the artefact he needs to undo the curse. You have to find clues or objects that will enable you to access other parts of Monster Land. Destroy your enemies and you will pick up gold plus open up treasure chests containing items to help you on your way.

Wonder Boy III The Dragons Trap is every bit as good as the Mario games. In fact I actually like it better. It is nothing short of brilliant in my opinion, with fantastic graphics, a great story plus there is plenty of action and excitement to keep you playing for hours. The graphics are awesome with fire breathing dragons plus superb characters all colourful and full of detail.

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Poor Wonder Boy, as if it isn’t bad enough him being turned into a green dragon but he has also lost all but one of his energy hearts along with his trusty sword and shield. He licks his wounds on a level where he also has the chance to gain useful passwords. It is a level that he returns to throughout plus he will win back his energy hearts as he progresses.

A great feature of this game is the ability for Wonder Boy/Dragon to morph into different creatures with alternative powers, its great fun. As himself he can breathe under water as well as breath fire but he isn’t able to carry his shield or sword so being able to transform is really useful. He can change into Mouse Man, Piranha Man, Lion Man or Hawk Man each with their own attributes.

Wonder Boy/Dragon does not however change at will. At the end of each level you transform into the creature you need to be to complete the next level. As you kill your enemies they turn into gold coins for you to collect. You then use these to buy weapons or useful things like lightening balls that you can hurl at enemies.

There are the usual Boss Fights to end each level. These are Boss Dragons in this case that you need to slay. The Boss Dragons are awesome while they include the frightening Mummy Dragon, the incredible Zombie Dragon and the blood sucking Vampire Dragon who has the Salamander Cross you need to finish the story. The whole game has so many twists and turns along with surprises too many to list that I cannot speak highly enough of the game play experience.

The graphics are so colourful and cartoon like – you can see where browser games such as Chibi Knight get their inspiration from. The visuals truly bring a lovely experience to the screen while the soundtrack suits the piece totally. As you can probably tell by now I absolutely love Wonder Boy III The Dragons Trap plus I am sure all fans of this genre will love it too.